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Heidi Chapson

researcher, writer, artist & music, food, travel enthusiast

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Abstract Landscapes

These are a series of paintings that I have worked on over the years, and I will be updating this section once all the rest of my slides have been scanned and converted into digital pictures. I generally paint in oils, with the exception of a few watercolours that I have done, and have a preference for thick layered paint.

I have an interest in wide open spaces, and these paintings, as you may notice are all squares…..a bit like taking a Polaroid snapshot of something much much larger. The landscape is the environment which surrounds you, and it can be filled with memories from familiar landmarks or places visited; it is also capable of bringing about feelings of anxiety from unfamiliar territory and a loss of one’s bearings.

Here are a few that are painted on either canvas or wood surfaces. Dimensions range from 12" x 12" to 36" x 36". Click on them to get a better view......

These little ones (approximately 5" x 5") were done in watercolour and water soluble pencil crayons.


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